2015 Special Feature vol.5 Karuizawa Firefly Special / A Night to Enjoy Karuizawa’s Abundant Nature


The season for fireflies to fly has come around again this year. During the peak season, we would like to see many fireflies flying around. Here are some recommended firefly spots for those who want to see them at their peak.

The firefly viewing is held every year with the understanding of the local residents and the natural environment of Karuizawa. Before viewing the fireflies, please be sure to read the notes and etiquette for viewing fireflies listed on each page.

*This year’s event is all finished. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Shiozawa Village Firefly Festival

Held only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from Friday, July 3 to Monday, July 20, 2015 (cancelled in case of rain)
*This fiscal year has ended.
Fireflies of Shiozawa Village have been living in the hidden village for a long time. The Shiozawa Firefly Society, a local volunteer group, will hold a firefly viewing event again this year. Volunteer guides from the Shiozawa Firefly Society will be on hand to provide safe and enjoyable firefly viewing on the dark nighttime paths. In addition, free rental lanterns, sales of beetle larvae, and a firefly tour cafeteria will be available at the event site. Please come and join us.

Location & Time

Adjacent to Karuizawa Picture Book Forest, site of Firefly Festival <Parking> Karuizawa Picture Book Forest Museum, Eltz Toy Museum parking lot
*Please note that the parking gates will close at closing time.
Doors open: 17:00 / Close: 2100 / Guided tours: 19:00-20:30

Firefly Cafe / Shop Extended Hours

Last year, many people rushed back to their hotel for dinner because the meal time and guided tour time were at the same time. So this year, the Firefly Café will be open. During the Firefly Festival, the Eltz Toy Museum Café “Rouet” will be open from 17:30 to 19:30 as the Au Petit Bois Café. Chef Maeda of “House of Karuizawa” and Mr. Osaki of “Cafe Visconti” will be serving food and beverages while waiting for the firefly tours. The Eltz Toy Museum’s “Wooden Toy Store” and “Forest Life Gallery” will also be open until 19:00 on the day of the Firefly Tour Festival. Please stop by if you have time.

Please refer to the event page for more information.


Since many of the places where you can view fireflies are on private property or in dark and dangerous places, please refrain from viewing fireflies outside of the firefly tour period, viewing fireflies without a guide, or entering areas outside of the firefly tour route.

For inquiries, please contact

Phone: 080-5140-1418 (Karuizawa Nature Club Office)
*Confirmation of whether or not the event will be held due to inclement weather is not available by phone. Please be sure to check the website below.

For the latest information, visit the official website.

Shiozawa Village Exploration Eco Museum official website
Twitter (Shiozawa Firefly Association @hotaru4030)
Facebook page

Karuizawa Hatsuji Firefly Village

*The latest information update for this year ended on 7/3/2015.

At “Karuizawa Hatsuji Firefly Village” you can see Genji Fireflies and Hayake Fireflies. Genji fireflies emerge from agricultural waterways, and Hayake fireflies emerge from rice paddies (fallow fields). However, compared to a few years ago, the number of natural habitats for genji botaru has decreased considerably. In order to protect these fireflies, the three districts of Karuizawa, Shimohatsuchi, Kamihatsuchi, and Sugiuri, jointly established the volunteer “Karuizawa Hatsuchi Firefly Lovers’ Association” in May 2000. With budgetary support from the three districts and cooperation from the town of Karuizawa, the Karuizawa Hatsuji Firefly Lovers’ Association is working to maintain a habitat for the fireflies that naturally breed in this village.


Cars are not allowed near the Firefly Channel. Please use the parking lot at the entrance to Firefly Village.
2. be careful of thunderstorms!

<Firefly Viewing Rules

Do not pick fireflies. Do not touch them.
Do not illuminate with a flashlight.
Do not take pictures with your cell phone.
Do not enter the side of the firefly canal by car.
○ Do not disturb the local neighborhood.

Map of Hatsuchi Firefly Village, latest information on fireflies, etc. Click here for details.
*The latest information update for this year ended on 7/3/2015.

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