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Shiozawa, Hatsuchi

Exhibition Summer Special Exhibition “110th Anniversary of the Birth of Dozo Tachihara: Tracing the Life of His Untimely Death


Dozo Tachihara passed away 85 years ago at the age of 24 years and 8 months. He was an active poet who expressed the yearnings and sorrows of youth in his musical diction, and published the poetry collections “Kayakusa ni yosu” and “Dawn and Evening Poems”. He was also a promising architect, and his design ideas, such as the artist colony he conceived at the foot of Mount Asama and the small residence Hyacinth House, have been loved by many people and passed down to the present day. In recent years, the Tachihara Dozo Memorial Association and Ms. Noriko Miyamoto (President of the Association) have donated many Tachihara-related materials to the museum. In addition, the bereaved family of critic Takashi Tachibana donated books related to Tachihara, and this year, Tachihara’s letters to architect Tsutomu Ikuta were deposited by the bereaved family. This year’s exhibition will focus on these donated and deposited materials, tracing the life of Tachihara in his untimely death and providing a guide to the world of Tachihara’s works that he continued to seek. The exhibition will feature approximately 200 items, including manuscripts, poetry collections, pastel paintings, architectural sketches, architectural theses, blueprints, letters, and artifacts.


Date & Time Saturday, July 13, 2024 - Monday, October 14, 2024
Location Karuizawa Highland Library
Charge Adults 800 yen Elementary and junior high school students 400 yen
Contact us 0267-45-1175
Remarks Closed 10/15,16,17

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