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Karuizawa Ando Museum of Art Lecture by Hiroyuki Uchiro, Chief Curator, Pola Museum of Art, on the expression of the texture of “milky white skin

Date: June16 (Sun.) 14: 00-15:30

Venue: Salon Le Damier, Ando Museum of Art, Karuizawa

Capacity: 50 people

About the texture expression of “milky white skin

Leonard Fujita (Tsuguharu Fujita, 1886-1968 ), known as a painter of the Ecole de Paris, painted “milky white skin” using a unique technique that won him great acclaim in the Paris art world in the 1920s. Although many researchers have studied the painting materials and techniques used in Fujita’s works, it is difficult to understand what kind of skin he intended to express from his paintings, which were often restored or varnished to protect the surface. In this lecture, based on the results of spectrofluorescence analysis of “Nude and Dog on Bed,” which was conducted at the Pola Museum of Art in 2023 without any protective varnish, the secrets of Foujita’s “milky white skin” technique will be revealed from the perspective of skin texture.


Date & Time June 16 (Sun.) 14:00-15:30
Location Karuizawa Ando Art Museum Salon Le Damier
Charge Free of charge (Reservations required *Please see "Contact Information" and "Remarks")
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