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A new photo festival “Karuizawa Photo Fest” will be held!


Karuizawa Tourism Association will hold the 1st Karuizawa Photo Fest from April 1 (Sat) to May 14 (Sun), 2023 at four Karuizawa parks (Yagasaki Park, Suwanomori Park, Upper Yugawa Furusato Park and Oiwake Park).
The festival is run by an executive committee comprised mainly of local photographers, with Karuizawa-based photographer Nobechi George as creative director.
The 250 works selected by a jury of nine photography experts from among a total of 1,176 entries, which had to be taken in Karuizawa, will be printed on special tarpaulin and displayed outdoors. Regardless of genre, the works depict a variety of attractive images of Karuizawa found from each photographer’s point of view, including natural scenery, people, daily life, still life, and documentaries.
While touring the four exhibition sites, visitors can also tour the town of Karuizawa and discover new attractions of Karuizawa.

Details of the event will be posted on the official website.

Four parks to be exhibited outdoors

Yagasaki Park
28-1, Karuizawahigashi, Karuizawa-cho

Suwanomori Park
864, Karuizawa-cho, Oaza-Karuizawa

Yugawa Furusato Park (upstream)
2380-15 Nagakura, Karuizawa-cho

Oiwake Park
1155-1 Ooaza-Oiwake, Karuizawa-cho

point worthy of note

The 250 photographs taken in Karuizawa, selected from a public competition, are displayed in four different parks with different atmospheres. Visitors can enjoy viewing them outdoors while interacting with them.

From the 250 works to be exhibited, one Grand Prix work and one each of the Jury Prizes (9 in total) will be announced at the Opening Ceremony.

From April 12 (Wed.) to 15 (Sat.), talk shows, workshops, and photography events will be held with prominent photographers from Japan and abroad. 15 (Sat.) will be a “PHOTO TRAIN” photo trip on the Shinano Railway with Sam Abel. Photos taken during this photo trip will be exhibited on the train this summer.

session (of a legislature)

Saturday, April 1 – Sunday, May 14, 2023

Events by prominent national and international photographers

Wednesday, April 12

19:00-21:00 Jane Evelyn Atwood [talk show].

Thursday, April 13

9:00-17:00 Jane Evelyn Atwood [Workshop].

19:00-21:00 Yumiko Izu, Kenro Izu [talk show

Friday, April 14

9:00-17:00 Takero Izu [Workshop] (Japanese only)

19:00-21:00 Sam Abel [talk show].

Saturday, April 15

9:00-17:00 Sam Abel [photography event].
Shinano Railway Photography Trip “PHOTO TRAIN
*Photographs taken at this event will be exhibited on the train this summer.


Yagasaki Park, Suwanomori Park, Yugawa Furusato Park (upper reaches), Oiwake Park




Karuizawa Tourism Association




Karuizawa Photo Fest Executive Committee

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DxO, Karuizawa Gas Corporation, RML Corporation, Intellectual Property Solutions Corporation, Moose Forest, Karuizawa Sanitation Company Limited, Intec Corporation, Minoru Photo, Ehongohondo


East Japan Railway Company Nagano Branch Office, Former Karuizawa Hotel Otowanomori, Karuizawa Travel & Consulting

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