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Japan Curling Championship 2023″ will be held in Japan.


The Karuizawa Curling Vitalization Project Promotion Committee (Chairman: Tsugio Uchibori) will hold the “Japan Curling Championship 2023” as part of the 2022 Sports Agency-subsidized project (regional revitalization project centered on curling), which will feature both a curling TV game and a real curling experience and mini game. The event will be held as a part of a local revitalization project based on curling.

Curling is also a hot topic these days. “Minna no Curling”, a video game software approved by the Japanese Curling Association, is showing the attractiveness of curling in a new way.
This is the first time in Japan that a real and digital event is combined, and one of the objectives is to attract potential curling fans, as 60% of the Japanese population is said to be gamers.
This is a new type of ice sport, curling, which anyone from children to adults can enjoy immediately, and is not a new event.
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Japan Curling Championship for Everyone 2023

Date & Time

February 25, 2023 (Saturday) 10:00~16:00

Hosted by

Karuizawa Curling Revitalization Project Promotion Committee
(Member organizations: Karuizawa Town, Karuizawa Curling Club, NPO Sports Community Karuizawa Club)


Japan Curling Association, Karuizawa Sports Association, Karuizawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Karuizawa Tourism Association, Karuizawa Hotel and Ryokan Association, Karuizawa Food Association


Imagineer Corporation

Tournament Format

1. Real Curling / Experience curling on the ice & mini games (3 rounds of matches)
2. “Curling for Everyone” video game (league for qualifying/tournament for final)
Compete in both 1 and 2 above, and compete for ranking based on the total points earned from each.

Guest Commentary

Miyo Ichikawa (former Japanese national curling team player)

Place of implementation

Karuizawa Kazakoshi Park Karuizawa Ice Park


Junior high school students and older (in pairs)

number of people to be admitted or accepted

32 groups (64 people)

entrance fee



Top winning teams will receive luxurious prizes such as hotel accommodation vouchers and Nintendo Switch software.
<Click here for the timetable and prize details> <Click here for the timetable and prize details> <Click here for the timetable and prize details

application to participate

Applications will be accepted starting December 22, 2022.
Application form is here↓.

Contact Us

Karuizawa Curling Revitalization Project Promotion Committee
Secretariat: NPO Sports Community Karuizawa Club
Attn: NISHIYAMA Tel 090-3103-1348
*Fiscal 2022 government-subsidized project

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