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Handmade moss balls and moss terrariums for Valentine’s Day and White Day gifts Web-only gift specials available! /Love Japan Brand

How about a handmade moss ball or moss terrarium as a Valentine’s Day or White Day gift?

Karuizawa Tourism Association Official Website
2019 Valentine’s Day & White Day Special Exclusive Offer

Sanada-himo bottle ribbon present!
Please tell the workshop staff that you saw the Karuizawa Tourism Association’s official website 2019 Valentine’s Day & White Day Special.


HotelKashima-no-mori,Nakakaruizawa Kutsukake Stay
*From January 6 to March 21, the event will be held at Nakakaruizawa Kutsukake Stay.

implementation period

~March 31, 2019


Please come in between 10:00 and 14:00.
(It takes about an hour to make.)


boulder formed from moss
With drink and sweets: 3,300 yen
With lunch: 4,500 yen
(Additional charges will apply for branches, etc., which can be selected locally. You can choose at the site.)

moss terrarium
Including drink and sweets: 6,000 yen
With lunch: 7200 yen


Please bring an apron.

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For more information, visit the official website.

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