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Shiozawa, Hatsuchi

Karuizawa Botanical Garden “Botanical Observations” held from April to October

The following schedule will be held again this year for plant observation.
Please note that the time may be shortened or observation sessions cancelled due to weather conditions.

Flowers found in the Botanical Garden:Flower Report April 2018-.

Plant Observation Meeting Schedule

April Late spring plant observation

Sunday, 14th Yellow skunk cabbage? yellow skunk cabbage (Lysichiton americanum)
28th (Sun) Plants associated with Nagano Prefecture: Togakushisou

May: Observation of plants in early summer

12th (Sun) Nagano designated rare wild plant Tade-sumire
Sunday, 26th: Cusanow, a plant that allows ants to carry its seeds.

June: Observation of plants in mid-summer

Sun. 9th Nyanjamonjanoki?
23rd (Sun) Rare wild plant designated by Nagano Prefecture YAMATOBACCO

July Late summer plant observation

Sunday, July 7 Japanese thyme Ibukijakousou
21st (Sun) Wild Lily of the valley, a rare wild plant designated by Nagano Prefecture

August: Observation of plants in early autumn

Sunday, 4th The Seven Herbs of Autumn Kawaranadeishiko, etc.
Sun. 11, Cultural Heritage of the City Semi-natural grassland
Sun. 18. Plants similar in shape: Fuji and Nohara kusafuji
25th (Sun) Plants for daily life Bon flowers, medicinal plants, etc.

September Mid-Autumn Plant Watching

Sunday, August 8: Found in Karuizawa! Asama Flow et al.
22nd (Sun) Various shawms, autumn-flowering witch hazel, etc.

October: Observation of plants in late autumn

Sun. 6: Survivors of the Ice Age? red spider lily
Sunday, 20th Diversity and Characteristics of Japanese maples


Karuizawa Town Botanical Garden, Nature Park


10:30 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.

entrance fee

Free *However, an admission fee of 100 yen per person over elementary school age is required.

capacity (of boat, hall, aeroplane, airplane, etc.)

First 20 applicants (no application required)

For inquiries, please contact

Karuizawa Botanical Garden TEL : 0267-48-3337

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