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Forest Aerial Tree Trekking Golden Week Special Event / Amici Adventure Karuizawa

Crossing suspension bridges and ropes from tree to tree, flying in the air hanging from wires with pulleys, and wearing special belts (harnesses), this is a thrilling and exciting adventure.

Karuizawa Tourism Association Official Website Special Exclusive Offer

Karuizawa Tourism Association Official Website Karuizawa 2019 Golden Week Special Golden Week Special!
Amici Adventure Karuizawa original gloves presented to those who experience the program.


Amici Adventure Karuizawa
*For more information, please go to the tourist facility information at the bottom of the page.


4/27 (Sat.) – 5/6 (Sun.)


Tree trekking beginner level only 2,500 yen Beginner and advanced level set 3,500 yen

Others, precautions, etc.

Eligibility: Elementary school students and above or those who are at least 110cm tall and can wear a harness.

For inquiries, please contact

0267-41-1750 (Reservations are not accepted. Please come directly to the reception desk.)

For more information, visit the official website.

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