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Old and New Karuizawa

Kyukaruizawa Marche / Kyukaruizawa Ginza Karuizawa Post Office parking lot event space

Artists, stores, and kitchen cars from the Karuizawa area open daily. This is a fun marché with arts & crafts, garden goods, food, and hands-on classes.


Event space in the parking lot in front of the Old Karuizawa Ginza Karuizawa Post Office


Saturday, 4/27/2019 – Monday, 5/6/2019 (daily, then every Saturday and Sunday through the fall)

Others, precautions, etc.

Old Karuizawa Ginza will be a pedestrian paradise during the event. Please use nearby parking lots if you are driving.

For inquiries, please contact

Karuizawa ARTBOX 0267-42-0381

For more information, visit the official website.

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