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10/22 “Celebration events associated with the Accession Ceremony” Cultural facilities open to the public free of charge

The accession ceremony will be held on October 22, 2028.
The Karuizawa Board of Education will open the town’s cultural facilities to the public free of charge as part of the celebrations associated with the accession ceremony.
Please take this opportunity to visit the museum.

Free Public Days
Tuesday, October 22, 2028 (national holiday)

Hours of Operation
9:00-17:00 (admission until 16:30)

Facilities eligible for free public access
Important Cultural Property, Former Mikasa Hotel (TEL: 0267-42-7072)
History and Folklore Museum (TEL: 0267-42-6334)
Oiwajuku Local Museum (TEL: 0267-45-1466)
Karuizawa Botanical Garden (TEL: 0267-48-3337)
Karuizawa Museum of stencil dyeing (TEL: 0267-42-6064)
Hori Tatsuo Literature Memorial Hall (TEL: 0267-45-2050)
Former Konoe Fumimaro Villa (Ichimura Memorial Hall) (TEL: 46-6103)
*The former Mikasa Hotel is preparing to begin conservation and repair work, including seismic reinforcement. The work will take several years and the museum will be closed during that time. Please visit the museum before it closes. (The museum will be closed from the end of December 2019.)

Free Cultural Facilities Open House Flyer
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