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Shiozawa, Hatsuchi

I wanted to try it once! Curling Experience! /Karuizawa Ice Park

Here at Karuizawa Ice Park, we offer curling experience classes throughout the year!

From 5 years old and up, you can participate! Why not try curling while sightseeing in Karuizawa?

60 min. course @ 2,380 yen (tax included)/person 9:30 -, 13:00 –
90 min. course @ 3,240 yen (tax included)/person from 11:00, 14:30

Please check the URL below for information on what to wear, what to bring, and the schedule of events, and then call us to make a reservation!
Application TEL0267-48-5555

This is a group lesson where you will be with other customers. We start with getting used to the ice, then gradually practice and learn the rules, and finally play a game!

Is it really ice?”
“Does it get any worse if I scrub it with a brush?”
What does that shout say?”

The instructor will answer questions such as

Since it is indoors, there is no need to worry about the weather!
Seeing” and “doing” are totally different!
If you come to Karuizawa, please try curling!

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