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Atelier Blanca Karuizawa] Tsuguharu Fujita and Modern Paris

This summer’s exhibition features a major focus on “Modern Paris,” the Paris of the good old days painted by Tsuguharu Fujita from the early to mid 20th century!
Parisiennes loved by Tsuguharu Fujita, landscapes with beautiful sepia-toned monuments, cute-looking children, and paintings of cats are all on display.
Please enjoy “Modern Paris,” a turbulent era depicted by Picasso, Chagall, Modigliani, Kissling, Rolandin and other painters of the Ecole de Paris.

Also on display and for sale will be a large number of beautiful antiques, including valuable glass works by glass artists of the Nancy School (Galle, Dohm, Lalique, etc.) who were active at the same time, as well as old porcelain and sculptures from Meissen and Old Noritake.

About this season’s business.
The office may be closed or open on shorter hours depending on the spread of the new coronavirus and requests from the government and local authorities.
Please check the announcement on our website and on Instagram the day before.


Atelier Blanca Karuizawa
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Exhibition Period

From July 13 to September 13, 2020 (open daily in July and August, closed on Thursdays after September)

For inquiries, please contact

Atelier Blanca Karuizawa TEL 0267-42-2320
Atelier Blanca Head Office TEL 03-5356-0771

For more information, please visit the special exhibition page.

[Special Exhibition: Karuizawa] Tsuguharu Fujita and Modern Paris (July-September 2020)

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