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Tomoya Moriizumi Exhibition / Shinano Oiwake Cultural Magnetic Field, Yubiya

Humans and animals with pop expressions. The impression is not the lightness that swept Western society in the dry air of the 1960s, but on the contrary, it is strangely moist and mysterious, with a deep sense of meaning. The classical technique of tempera fits well with the young artist’s sensibility and the way he looks at his subject.

Location:Shinano Oiwake Cultural Magnetic Field, Aburaya
Period: June 4 (Thursday) – June 29 (Monday), 2020 12:00 – 17:00

◎1983 Born in Nagano, Japan, 2002 Solo Exhibition at HEXAN, Roppongi, GEISAI#2, 2009 Selected for the 10th French-Japanese Contemporary Art World Exhibition, Aoyama Spiral, 2011 Selected for the ILF Children’s Art Grand Prix, 2013 Solo Exhibition at November Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo, 2013 Young Art Taipei, Taiwan, Emerging Directors’ Art Fair Ultra (Aoyama Spiral), Art Taipei 2013 (Taiwan), 2014 Solo Exhibition (Shonandai MY Gallery, Roppongi), Asia Contemporary Art Show (Hong Kong), Art Taipei 2014 (Taiwan), Art Kaohsiung 2014 (Taiwan), 2015 Solo Exhibition at Shonandai MY Gallery, Roppongi, Affordable Art Fair (Singapore), Young Art Taipei (Taipei), Art Monaco 2015 (Monaco), and many other solo and group exhibitions.

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