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Old and New Karuizawa

Karuizawa Prince Hotel Ski Area Scheduled to be open until 2021/4/4

Ski slopes within walking distance from Karuizawa Station are now open for business!
The slopes boast an abundance of snow thanks to artificial snowmaking machines and snowfall machines, so there is no need to worry about a shortage of snow. Another attraction of our ski resort is the high percentage of sunny days. There are a variety of facilities in the area, and you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding even on a day trip.


Free lift service on weekdays for 20 year olds!
Free lift for all children of elementary school age and under

Lift operation

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live video

Live camera images in front of the ski center and on the Asama side of the ski center parking lot.


Karuizawa Prince Hotel Ski Area map_link

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You can purchase lift tickets online in advance at competitive rates.
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