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Old and New Karuizawa

Shiraito Falls, Midwinter Light-up 2020.12/19.20.24-27, 2021. 1/2.3.8-11 and 2/11-14

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The program will be held for a total of 16 days in the following three sections. Hours vary depending on the period. Please note that the lights will not be illuminated on days other than the dates of the event. In case of cancellation, there will be a notice on the official website ( ).
*This is not projection mapping.

Christmas Session

2020.12/19.20, 24-27 hours 17:00-19:00

New Year Session

2021. 1/2.3, 8-11 hours 17:00-19:00

St. Valentine Session/Valentine’s Day

2021. 2/11-14 Time 17:30-19:30


Shiraito Falls
10 minutes by car from Kose Tollgate, 5 minutes from Toge-no-chaya Tollgate

*Admission and parking fees are free, but a toll on the Shiraito Highland Way is required.
Public transportation such as local buses will not be running during the event hours. Please come by private car or cab.
*In the event of a large number of visitors, admission to the venue may be restricted.

■ Request to Customers Regarding Prevention of the Spread of the New Coronavirus ■
Visitors with symptoms such as fever and cough are asked to refrain from visiting until symptoms are completely cured to prevent infection. Visitors are also asked to keep an appropriate distance from Shiraito Falls and nature trails and to refrain from loud conversations, even outdoors. We also ask that you wear a mask to prevent droplet infection.
*We ask for your understanding and cooperation in preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection.

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