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lola yokozawa & nonchamp monogatari concert


Monogatari Concert” by two groups, Laura Yokozawa (Tokyo) and nonchamp nonchamp (Kanazawa).
This live performance spins songs created from stories from around Japan while introducing their backgrounds. Many new songs will be performed for the first time, with new arrangements, new co-writers, and musicians who will meet after two years on this day will perform with an acoustic storyteller and a percussionist who will perform together for the first time.

Date: August 11, 2022 (Thursday)
Concert begins: 15:30
Location: Shinano Oiwake, Karuizawa Town (Oiwake-juku, former Nakasendo Road)
Cultural Magnetic Field Aburaya/Tenjin Pier (outdoor event, in case of rain, former Aburaya Ryokan and dining hall)
Capacity: 50 people each
Reservations: 2,000 yen Cultural Magnetic Field Abura-ya Bookkeeping 0267-31-6511 or NPO Office Oiwake Colony 0267-46-8088


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