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Nakasendo & Kitaguni Kaido – Shinano Railway Cycle Train – Departing from Karuizawa! History & Gourmet Touring along the Old Highway


Date & Time

Saturday, September 10, 2022


Karuizawa Town – Miyota Town – Komoro City – Tomi City

Event Details

Cycling tour to “see, hear, feel, and eat” the Nakasendo and Kitakuni Kaido roads from Karuizawa and recall the scenery of those days!
You can also enjoy gourmet foods (taiyaki, oyaki, and walnut sweets) at three places along the highway while our dedicated guide takes you to historical spots along the way. The return trip is easy as you can take the “Shinano Railway” on the way home!

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Countermeasures against new coronavirus infection being implemented

On the day of the event, please take your temperature and refrain from participating if it is 37,5 degrees Celsius or higher.

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Contact: Karuizawa Travel & Consulting Tel: 050-5866-6125

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