2018 Karuizawa Autumn Specials / Web-only discounts and gift offers available!


Karuizawa’s beautiful autumn is decorated with autumn leaves. This section features information on how to enjoy such a season.
We will update this information through November, so please check back often.

Introduction of typical autumn foliage spots in Karuizawa
Here are some representative spots from past photos of autumn foliage

Karuizawa Sweets Stroll 2018 Autumn Harvest Festival
10/20-11/30 / 11 stores in town participate


Wild Bird Sanctuary Nature Watching Autumn theme for 2018: “Autumn with high bears fertilizing the sky”.
Experience the richness of the forests that sustain the life of bears.Held September 15 – November 4, 2018.

Autumn Foliage Library / Karuizawa Hoshino Area, Larch Hill
An outdoor book space that connects people through books. held October 1~November 9, 2018

Apple water / Hoshino Onsen Dragonfly hot spring
Apples floating in a bathtub full of apples “apple bath” October 16 (Tuesday) – 19 (Friday) and November 4 (Sunday) – 7 (Wednesday), 2018

Winter-only skating rink “Kera Pond Skating Rink” in Karuizawa forest/Karuizawa Hoshino Area
Kela Pond Skating Rink, an outdoor skating rink surrounded by forest, October 19, 2018 – March 10, 2019 (tentative)

Experience the autumn in Karuizawa!
Click here for facilities offering outdoor experience programs.

Holiday Walk in Karuizawa 2018/Karuizawa South District Walk Course, Old Usui Pass Lookout Course
Sunday, October 14! / Application deadline: Monday, October 1

Walk with a Tourist Guide (free of charge)
October 26 (Fri.) & 27 (Sat.) Start in front of the temporary police box at the Old Karuizawa Rotary – Kumoba Pond or Old Karuizawa Ginza area

Wellness Walk / I found delicious autumn in Minamikaruizawa!
November 3 (Sat., holiday) Start: Karuizawa Tagliassen Finish: Karuizawa Hatsuchi City Garden



Halloween Coffee on Sale! / Mikado Coffee
Flavorful aroma reminiscent of dark chocolate. Also available as a Halloween gift.

Guess the weight of the pumpkin & Find Jack! / Hotel Otowanomori
Oct. 1 – Oct. 31, 2012: Guess the weight of the pumpkin in the hotel’s front lobby, etc.

Karuizawa Museum of Picture Book Art Halloween 2018/Photographs at photo spots in the museum
October 12 – October 31 “Picture Book Store” sells picture books related to Halloween.

Karuizawa Halloween Walk 2018 / Let’s dress up and walk around Karuizawa in autumn!
Saturday, October 20, 2018, tour of various locations in the town of Karuizawa on a private bus

Halloween Party 2018 in Otowanomori
October 28 with a special Halloween buffet menu and delicious drinks.

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