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Mikado Coffee “COSMOS, FAIR

September 16th is “Mexican Independence Day”. Our company, which has deep ties with Mexico, is also selling and promoting “COSMOS” coffee, as it is the last of the 65th anniversary of the Karuizawa Old Road Store.
Sold at 10% off the regular price Regular coffee beans (150g)
10% off the regular price of 1,080 yen at 972 yen (tax included) One-pack coffee (5 coffees)
10% off the regular price of 880 yen at 792 yen (tax included).
One-pack coffee sold in bulk will not be discounted.
Please refer to the following page on our website for more information about this product

Halloween Coffee” (on sale from 9/14)

Green bean producing country : Mexico
Farm Name, Area of Origin: San Alfons Farm, Coatepec, Veracruz San Alfons Farm is a farm that Mikado Coffee has had a contract with for about 40 years or more. Mikado Coffee regularly visits this farm to check on the coffee growing conditions.
We have visited to check the crop this year, 2018, and have cupped and tasted the beans. The beans will arrive in September as a new crop.
From the Roaster: Rare peaberries (round beans) are used. The harvest is limited, with less than 10% of the total crop.
Taste profile: flavorful aroma reminiscent of dark chocolate. Strong bitter chocolate and fruit top flavors. The mouthfeel is smooth and impressionable, with a heavy sweetness towards the second half.
Nose: Roasted cocoa, red cherries

Release period

Friday, September 14, 2018

Merchandise Sales Price

1) One-pack coffee (simple extraction type) 1 piece: 10g 125 yen (main body price) 【135 yen (tax included price)
2) Regular coffee (bag), 150g (beans, powder), 1,000 yen (including tax) [1,080 yen (including tax)
Café menu: Starting dates and menu prices vary depending on the directly managed store. Please check at the location.

Seasonal cakes: September~November

A moist cake with a gentle flavor of rum-soaked figs and agave syrup.
In collaboration with Quimby Gardens (QBG).
Agave syrup is a natural sweetener derived from the agave agave, a type of cactus. Unlike refined “white sugar,” it has a low GI and calorie content and is used as a therapeutic food for diabetes and other conditions.
*Please note that the quantity available is limited due to the fact that the pastry is handmade by Mikado Coffee’s pastry chef.
The cake itself, decorations and plates may vary slightly from those shown in the photos.

Mikado Coffee Karuizawa Old Road Recommendation

The Karuizawa Old Road Store plans to create “Halloween Gifts”.
Price: 1,000 yen (tax included)

Mikado Coffee Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza Recommendation

We will be selling “Petit Gifts” during the “Autumn Thanks Sale” (9/14~24) at Prince Shopping Plaza in Karuizawa.
2 coffee jellies, 2 one-pack coffees (1 rich, 1 mild) Price: 650 yen (tax included)

Mikado Coffee Karuizawa Tsuruya Recommendation

Halloween coffee will be available from 9/14.
From the same period, we also offer a selection of “petit gifts” ideal for Halloween. As you can see, we are wrapping it in Halloween wrapping.
Back row: “Mocha Chocolate Cake” 1,080 yen
The “petit gift” consists of 2 coffee jellies, 2 organic one-pack coffees (1 each from Colombia and Mexico), priced at 650 yen (tax included).

Handling location

Mikado Coffee
Karuizawa Old Road Branch
Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza
Karuizawa Tsuruya Store
*For more information, please go to the tourist facility information at the bottom of the page.

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03-3453- 9016 (main office, main representative)

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