2019 Special Features vol.2 Karuizawa Spring Vacation Special / Web-only discounts and gift specials available!


Spring, with its budding greenery and dancing hearts, is a refreshing time to be in Karuizawa!
We will provide you with information on spring ahead. We hope you will find it useful in planning your trip.
We will add information as needed through April. Don’t miss it.


Spring Vacation Limited】One night plan with free breakfast / Pension Newman
Wednesday, March 20, 2019 – Saturday, April 13, 2019 – Breakfast included at regular overnight rate.
Flying flying flying squirrel watching / Piccio
Friday, March 15, 2019 – Saturday, November 30, 2019 Popular tour to observe flying squirrels in the forest at dusk
Kemono Michi Walking/Piccio
December 1, 2018~April 7, 2019 Walking tour along the “Kemonomono Road,” a path trampled by wild animals such as antelope, hare, fox, and wild boar.
Sakura Brend 2019 / Mikado Coffee
Cherry blossom sweet potatoes, spring cakes, Irish coffee, and brown sugar lattes are also being offered!


Karuizawa Cultural Facilities and Museum Openings

Karuizawa Museum of Picture Book Art (special spring discount rate: 3/1-4/22)
Friday, March 1, 2019 – OPEN Spring 2019 Exhibition “Animals in Picture Books”
Eltz Toy Museum, Karuizawa
Friday, March 1, 2019 – OPEN Spring 2019 Exhibition “Gifts from the Forest – The World of Traditional Crafts from the Erz Region”

>>Hiro Senju Art Museum 2019/3/1-OPEN
>>Karuizawa Tagliassen, OPEN from 3/1/2019
>>Karuizawa Kogen Bunko 2019/3/1-OPEN
>>Former Konoe Fumimaro Villa (Ichimura Memorial Hall ) OPEN 4/1/2019
>>History and Folklore Museum 2019/4/1-OPEN
>>Karuizawa Lake Garden 4/19/2019-OPEN
>>Saison Museum of Contemporary Art, 2019/4/20-OPEN
>>Shinano Oiwake Cultural Magnetic Field, Yubiya, 2019/4/20-OPEN
>>Wakita Art Museum 2019/6/2-OPEN

Karuizawa Wakaba Festival

Brochure in preparation
>Karuizawa Spring Music Festival 2019/Karuizawa Ohga Hall 4/27-29-5/2-6
>>10th Gran Fondo Karuizawa / Spring Cycling Event to be held on May 11 and 12 (now accepting entries)
>>Karuizawa Half Marathon 2019 / Running through beautiful fresh green Karuizawa, May 19 (volunteers needed)
>> 18th Giro de Karuizawa / Classic Car Time Rally on Public Roads May 25 and 26


>>Rent-a-bike Tour/~Yokogawa Trip from Karuizawa to Usui Pass~ KARUIZAWA RideTown. Yokogawa Trip along the Usui Pass – KARUIZAWA RideTown.
>Spring Vacation Children’s History Experience Lecture / Oiwake Local History Museum 3/19, 21, 26
>>Spring Skiing / Karuizawa Prince Hotel Ski Area until 3/31
>>Golf Course Openings/List of Karuizawa Golf Courses (Please check the official golf course websites for opening dates)
>>Nature Tours/Picchio

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