Karuizawa Lodging Premium Coupon” extended until May 30.


We issue “Karuizawa Accommodation Premium Coupon” to offer a “refreshing highland resort time” at a discount price to as many people as possible. The coupons can be used only at hotels that promote measures against the new type of Corona. In addition, to make your stay in Karuizawa even more enjoyable, we will also provide a “Guest Privilege Luiza Voucher” worth 1,000 yen per person as a guest benefit.

Official Site
Please refer to the official website for the latest information.

Availability period

(for stays up to May 30, 2021)

How to apply

Please apply through the website of the accommodation facility of your choice or by phone.
One card is available per person at the adult rate.
*Only one use per person during the period.

Available Facilities

Accommodations in Karuizawa Town 《Refer to the official website》.

Privileges for Guests

1,000 yen “Louisa’s use coupon” present!

Inquiries about the campaign

Karuizawa Tourist Association TEL: 0267-41-3850

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